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GoPro Bike Light, Powerful Lights For Your Sports

What's GoPro Bike Light? A GoPro bike light would be must-have and perfect gear tool for you, if you are regular night rider and enjoy recording all thrilling moments when exploring the night. By GoPro bike light, we refer to a powerful bike lighting system working with the versatile mounting system invented by GoPro company. GoPro is world [...]

“DOWN NOT OUT” Downhill by Paralysis

In June 4-5, the 2016 UCI  world cup course in Fort William attract numerous stars in downhill world. And it also had a very special guest --Martyn Ashton. Martyn Ashton, a former mountain bike world champion with tens of millions of YouTube subscriptions; retired to become a road bike stunt master, and  participated  in the production of videos, [...]

GoPro Light Kit One-for-All Sport Lighting Solution

Why Should Everyone Need A GoPro Light Kit? Why should everyone need a GoPro light kit? Most of us may do one or more outdoor activities and those activities at night are totally different experience. That's also the reason why so many outdoor sports enthusiasts love night riding, hiking, jogging,skiing,etc. The problem of night sports is lack [...]

Top 5 Bike Light Trends in 2016

TOP 5 Bike Industry Trends In this year, we have seen many game-changing bike light trends in the market. Many of them totally change the way how people enjoy their riding, and bring us many challenges. Following are some top trends we would like to talk and please leave comment and share your insights. 1st Trend: [...]

8 Important Bike Light Safety Tips To Bear In Mind

Bike lights have become so important and essential for bike safety as the development of LED and battery technology. When I search internet, I am surprised to find that the web is flooded with bike safety tips except bike light safety tips. For most of us, bike lights are quite simple solution and maybe nothing worthy further discussion. [...]

We Are Attending 26th China International Bicycle Fair This April

The 2016 China International Bicycle Fair (China Cycle) is hosted in Shanghai and is the No.1 trade fair for bike industry in Chinese mainland. The exhibition would last from 6th April to 9th April. CHINA CYCLE gathers all the international and local market leaders from the industry, displays products — from components to manufacturing equipments, addresses [...]

Anti-theft Bike Light, Keep Your Light Safe

Why Is There Even Anti-theft Bike Light? According to the FBI, More than 250,000 bikes are stolen in New York each year, and more than two million nation-wide, this is also what's happening to many other bike accessories, and one main reason why there is anti-theft bike light in the world. And there are even [...]

Why cheap bike lights should not be your business option?

In October of 2015 Adam Creager of Brandon, Florida purchased the 5,000 lumen cheap bike lights on Amazon. After just a couple of uses, the light’s battery pack caught fire, and burned his home, gutting the inside. The original post is released in singletrack a quite popular biking forum. cheap-bike-lights-burn-riders-house This reminds me [...]

Sanguan SG-T2200 Mountain Bike Lights Review

About This Mountain Bike Lights Review On SG-T2200 This mountain bike lights review is done, tested and published initially by s8tannorm in his blog! The overall tests takes about over 2 months and this review is posted in 14th November 2012. Following is detailed post content! You can also visit the original post via post link provide above. Every [...]

Best Mountain Bike Light Review of SG-K20

Best Mountain Bike Light Of Year 2015 There are few candidates for the best mountain bike light of year 2015. Within this year we built our 1st clip-on bike light SG-K20 and its twin model eagle eye dual beam light SG-K21, later our 1st USB Rechargeable self-contained bike light SG-BU20, and until the lastest model we launched at [...]

Are SANGUAN Bike Lights Waterproof?

Are Your Bike Lights Waterproof? Yes! Are you bike lights waterproof? This might be one most frequently asked questions by customers. For brief answer, all Sanguan bike lights are built with IP65 waterproof standard, which enables our bike lights work perfectly in pouring rains. Following is a waterproof bike lights test video for one of [...]

Cree L2 LED Bright Bike Light Test for SG-N1000

About SG-N1000 This bike light test video presents ride test of our mountain bike light SG-N1000. N1000 is one bright bike light using latest Cree XM-L2 U2 LEDs as light sourcing. The light provide four mode settings including flashing mode. It is powered by 4400mAh battery pack which consists of 4 pieces 18650 2200mAh li-ion rechargeable [...]

Best Headlamp For Nordic Skiing

Why SG-M01 Is Best Headlamp For Nordic Skiing? SG-M01 is our best headlamp for Nordic skiing and other outdoor activities that we ever created. It made its first show in this September while we attending the 2015 Interbike, and visitors shows great passion and interest for this new tiny headlamp. Here are some reasons we like this [...]

4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need The Brightest Bike Light

4 Reasons Why You Don't Need The Brightest Bike Light We have been asked a lot from our customers about what's the brightest bike light in 2015, where could I get the brightest bike light. If you search the internet, you would find tons of such search terms or questions like this. It's quite reasonable to know how bright [...]

How To Charge A USB Bike Light?

What's a USB Bike Light? Before a full detailed guide on how to charge a usb bike light, let's find out what's a USB bike light. A USB bike light is a light designed to mounted on bike for on/off road riding with USB interface for charging or discharging. There are two type lights that called [...]