Best Bike Lights of Year 2015

/Best Bike Lights of Year 2015

Best bike lights of year 2015 from Shenzhen SANGUAN Technology Co., Ltd. The best bike lights collection compared all sanguan bike lights of year 2015 and select few of best bike front lights, rear lights, headlights, wearable lights,etc. No matter you love biking, hiking or other outdoor sports, you could always find one model best fit your needs. So enjoy the collection, and let us know if you get any suggestions or better idea to share with us!

Best Mountain Bike Light Review of SG-K20

Best Mountain Bike Light Of Year 2015 There are few candidates for the best mountain bike light of year 2015. Within this year we built our 1st clip-on bike light SG-K20 and its twin model eagle eye dual beam light SG-K21, later our 1st USB Rechargeable self-contained bike light SG-BU20, and until the lastest model we launched at [...]

Best Headlamp For Nordic Skiing

Why SG-M01 Is Best Headlamp For Nordic Skiing? SG-M01 is our best headlamp for Nordic skiing and other outdoor activities that we ever created. It made its first show in this September while we attending the 2015 Interbike, and visitors shows great passion and interest for this new tiny headlamp. Here are some reasons we like this [...]

Best Wearable Bike Light of Year 2015

Best Wearable Bike Light Winner The best wearable bike light winner for this year goes to SG-Thumb II. There are few strong competitor for this title: SG-T2200 one of the classic work, best selling items; SG-Thumb I the one favored by many customers and get the nick name of finger light from them, also one [...]

Best Road Bike Lights of Year 2015

Best Road Bike Lights Winner The winner of best road bike lights of this year 2015 is our SG-BU20. There are few lights that joined Sanguan lights family this year, but with all aspects concerned, SG-BU20 is the best bike lights for road riding.  SG-BU20-Light-Beam What Makes SG-BU20 the Best Road Bike Lights? Most [...]