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Sanguan SG-T2200 Mountain Bike Lights Review

About This Mountain Bike Lights Review On SG-T2200 This mountain bike lights review is done, tested and published initially by s8tannorm in his blog! The overall tests takes about over 2 months and this review is posted in 14th November 2012. Following is detailed post content! You can also visit the original post via post link provide above. Every [...]

Best Mountain Bike Light Review of SG-K20

Best Mountain Bike Light Of Year 2015 There are few candidates for the best mountain bike light of year 2015. Within this year we built our 1st clip-on bike light SG-K20 and its twin model eagle eye dual beam light SG-K21, later our 1st USB Rechargeable self-contained bike light SG-BU20, and until the lastest model we launched at [...]

Best Wearable Bike Light of Year 2015

Best Wearable Bike Light Winner The best wearable bike light winner for this year goes to SG-Thumb II. There are few strong competitor for this title: SG-T2200 one of the classic work, best selling items; SG-Thumb I the one favored by many customers and get the nick name of finger light from them, also one [...]

Best Road Bike Lights of Year 2015

Best Road Bike Lights Winner The winner of best road bike lights of this year 2015 is our SG-BU20. There are few lights that joined Sanguan lights family this year, but with all aspects concerned, SG-BU20 is the best bike lights for road riding.  SG-BU20-Light-Beam What Makes SG-BU20 the Best Road Bike Lights? Most [...]