What’s GoPro Bike Light?

A GoPro bike light would be must-have and perfect gear tool for you, if you are regular night rider and enjoy recording all thrilling moments when exploring the night. By GoPro bike light, we refer to a powerful bike lighting system working with the versatile mounting system invented by GoPro company.

GoPro is world top brand for motion camera, and their versatile mounting system enables their light be widely used in almost every outdoor sport you may image. If there is one bike light working with GoPro mounting system, there won’t be any need for a second light for other  sports like surfing, hiking, running,etc. That’s the primary reason why we developed the GoPro bike light, to provide one-for-all lighting solution for outdoor sport world.


GoPro Outdoor Activities

How Does The Gopro Bike Light Work?

To understand how the whole lighting system work, the first questions would be how could the light work with GoPro mounting system. To make it possible, we developed a unique GoPro adapter for our powerful lights. Instead of using our normal plastic mounts for o-rings, we replace them with our GoPro adapter.


GoPro Light Adapter


Normal Plastic Mount

After GoPro adapter installed, the whole light set would look just like the following picture:

GoPro light kits

GoPro Bike Light kits

Where Could These GoPro Lights Be Used?

Though installed with GoPro adapter, it still needs GoPro brackets or J-hooks to make them work for outdoor activities. These two parts are widely used in so many sports and should be available everywhere in internet. So it won’t be difficult to get one. With these two parts, above lights could be used anywhere possible. You could get the idea by checking following picture:

powerful gopro Light kit

Powerful GoPro Bike Light, Helmet Light, and Headlight

Would The Lights Survive Throughout All Activities?

All these GoPro lights are built with military aluminum alloy material with strong structure. Whole light unit is tightly connected and sealed with rubber o-rings for waterproof and dust proof. The lights are with IP65 waterproof and not recommend for under-water usage. Every cord we use are cold-resistant which prevents them get crisp and fragile when temp is too low. The light head and battery pack is with protected circuit board against short circuit, over-recharging, over-discharging,etc. Very sturdy and reliable lighting system to use for various weather conditions.

The lights use Cree LEDs for powerful output. Their wide and evenly-spread light beam provides clear and better perception for users. Different output settings allow users choose desired brightness.

aim higher beam shoot

Aim Higher Beam Shoot

Want To Learn More About GoPro Bike Light?

To learn more about our GoPro bike light kits, please check our post “GoPro Light Kit One-for-All Sport Lighting Solution“.  Any further question or requirements, please feel free to contact us with following contact form:

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