Want To Go Ride On Starry Bicycle Path?

Image at the midnight, you are riding in the Milky Way, with your mind free of worries, enjoying the breeze gently singing at your ear. Well, you might have that thousands of times in your dream, but now you may experience this fun in Northern Poland. In Lidzbark Warminski, a small town in Northern Poland, a brand [...]

“DOWN NOT OUT” Downhill by Paralysis

In June 4-5, the 2016 UCI  world cup course in Fort William attract numerous stars in downhill world. And it also had a very special guest --Martyn Ashton. Martyn Ashton, a former mountain bike world champion with tens of millions of YouTube subscriptions; retired to become a road bike stunt master, and  participated  in the production of videos, [...]

GoPro Light Kit One-for-All Sport Lighting Solution

Why Should Everyone Need A GoPro Light Kit? Why should everyone need a GoPro light kit? Most of us may do one or more outdoor activities and those activities at night are totally different experience. That's also the reason why so many outdoor sports enthusiasts love night riding, hiking, jogging,skiing,etc. The problem of night sports is lack [...]

Top 5 Bike Light Trends in 2016

TOP 5 Bike Industry Trends In this year, we have seen many game-changing bike light trends in the market. Many of them totally change the way how people enjoy their riding, and bring us many challenges. Following are some top trends we would like to talk and please leave comment and share your insights. 1st Trend: [...]

Why cheap bike lights should not be your business option?

In October of 2015 Adam Creager of Brandon, Florida purchased the 5,000 lumen cheap bike lights on Amazon. After just a couple of uses, the light’s battery pack caught fire, and burned his home, gutting the inside. The original post is released in singletrack a quite popular biking forum. cheap-bike-lights-burn-riders-house This reminds me [...]

$500 for biking without a light and other laws to hit Ontario streets

Drivers who text behind the wheel, who “door” passing cyclists, drive stoned or biking without a light will face much stiffer fines under a new Ontario law that increases fines for some offences up to $1,000. The law passed third reading Tuesday morning and will soon be signed into law. Light up your bike Cyclists who [...]

Waterproof Mini Cycle Helmet Lights SG-Thumb I

General Introduction to Cycle Helmet Lights SG-Thumb I SG-Thumb I is one of our smallest and lightest cycle helmet lights. It weighs only 65g and its size its just like your thumb. Customers and our team sometimes refer this light as finger light. But do not take it wrong. Thumb I looks cute and tiny, but [...]

USB Flashlight Charger with Smart Design Released

After two former version of usb flashlight power bank, our third usb flashlight charger released few days ago. These three usb flashlight chargers are designed as LED flashlight for lighting and power bank for urgent charging for your mobile devices. The flashlights utilize a Cree Q5 LED as power source and tested run time is [...]