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Bike Light Knowledge Base, Everything You Need To Know About SANGUAN Bike Lights

GoPro Bike Light, Powerful Lights For Your Sports

What's GoPro Bike Light? A GoPro bike light would be must-have and perfect gear tool for you, if you are regular night rider and enjoy recording all thrilling moments when exploring the night. By GoPro bike light, we refer to a powerful bike lighting system working with the versatile mounting system invented by GoPro company. GoPro is world [...]

8 Important Bike Light Safety Tips To Bear In Mind

Bike lights have become so important and essential for bike safety as the development of LED and battery technology. When I search internet, I am surprised to find that the web is flooded with bike safety tips except bike light safety tips. For most of us, bike lights are quite simple solution and maybe nothing worthy further discussion. [...]

Anti-theft Bike Light, Keep Your Light Safe

Why Is There Even Anti-theft Bike Light? According to the FBI, More than 250,000 bikes are stolen in New York each year, and more than two million nation-wide, this is also what's happening to many other bike accessories, and one main reason why there is anti-theft bike light in the world. And there are even [...]

Are SANGUAN Bike Lights Waterproof?

Are Your Bike Lights Waterproof? Yes! Are you bike lights waterproof? This might be one most frequently asked questions by customers. For brief answer, all Sanguan bike lights are built with IP65 waterproof standard, which enables our bike lights work perfectly in pouring rains. Following is a waterproof bike lights test video for one of [...]

4 Reasons Why You Don’t Need The Brightest Bike Light

4 Reasons Why You Don't Need The Brightest Bike Light We have been asked a lot from our customers about what's the brightest bike light in 2015, where could I get the brightest bike light. If you search the internet, you would find tons of such search terms or questions like this. It's quite reasonable to know how bright [...]

How To Charge A USB Bike Light?

What's a USB Bike Light? Before a full detailed guide on how to charge a usb bike light, let's find out what's a USB bike light. A USB bike light is a light designed to mounted on bike for on/off road riding with USB interface for charging or discharging. There are two type lights that called [...]

Why Do Bike Lights Flash?

Why do bike lights flash? There has been a long discussion about this. Sanguan as one of Chinese leading manufacturer of LED bike lights, we do lots of OEM works for customers in EU, USA, Australia,etc, and we learn some reasons, cons and pros for flashing bike lights. But before we go details, there are still some questions we [...]

Where Do Bike Lights Go?

Where Do Bike Lights Go? Where do bike lights go? Where should I put my new bike lights? Why ask so stupid questions? Put it anywhere you find available, how could that even matter. This maybe the first thought came to your mind when you check the title. And I guess that's also the common [...]

The Definitive Guide On Bike Light Battery Bag Storage

Why Use Li-ion Battery for Our Bike Light Battery Bag There are many options for building a solid bike light battery bag, but all our battery packs are built with li-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries have many advantages over other type of batteries, and they are also the reason why we use them. Battery university has a very detailed [...]

Mountain Bike Light Buyers Guide

Mountain Bike Light Buyers Guide Before go details on mountain bike light buyers guide, let's know some bike light basic knowledge on bike lights. Bike lights are designed basically for two purpose: to see or to be seen. And to achieve these two common goals, there are mountain bike lights and road bike lights. And [...]

Top 3 Misunderstandings on Bicycle Lights That May Get Yourself Killed

A report shows that two thirds of bike-related accidents happened between sunset and sunrise. Lack of night vision is a major case for this. Therefor it is required by many government bike laws that properly working bike lights are needed for riding. And it’s a good sign to see more and more wonderful bicycle lights [...]

Bike Light Mount for Sanguan LED Bike Lights

Sanguan Bike Light Mounts Bike light mounts are designed and produced to mount lights on bike (handlebar, stem, wheel,etc). While here we do not want to talk about bike light mounts for these rear lights that make us to be seen. This post would focus on mounting systems for powerful front bike lights from Sanguan. There [...]

Sanguan Bike Light Comparison Sheet

Sanguan Bike Light Comparison Sheet This bike light comparison sheet includes all powerful bike light. It offers a simple but detailed comparison on bulb type, bulb number, batteries(Click here) to check full details on battery pack comparison), run time and other aspects.    Your browser should support iFrame to view this PDF document About Bike [...]

Bicycle Light Laws in Some Countries

One very important reason why riders need bicycle lights is that this is stated and required by many countries in their bicycle light laws. The details may be different, but there are some ideas in common: front light, rear light and reflectors are needed especially between sunset and sunrise; usually a front light would be with [...]

Full List of Bike Light Battery Pack from Sanguan

Bike Light Battery Pack General Introduction This post contains very detailed information on our bike light battery pack. You can also leave us a message or comments if you have any questions on our battery packs. Please note that the list only includes our regular battery cases. Other battery packs like 8.4v 8400mAh/9000mah battery packs or battery [...]